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Helical Piers | Aurora, IL

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Helical piers are large, screw pins that are inserted into the ground to add an extra or base layer of strength and support to a foundation. Helical piers are often found in building projects where the land being built on is unreliable and difficult to work with and secure. Helical piers can also be used in situations where the land is more prone to flooding or water damage due to its location. We operate using helical piers for a variety of scenarios and use them to build a secure foundation or add durability to an existing one.


What are Helical Piers?

Helical piers are screw-like bars that are implanted into the ground to secure a foundation in place where the soil or land is softer or more difficult to rely on and work with. Helical piers offer an enhanced level of support and comfort to your foundation, especially if your existing foundation is suffering due to a lack of soil quality. Helical piers can be installed to reinforce your current foundation or used separately to add strength to a new building project. We have extensive experience in working with helical piers and offer them as an alternative for some building projects where standard materials don't always provide the support needed.


Soil Conditions

Helical piers are often chosen as a foundation alternative to securing a foundation when traditional materials can’t be used. Traditional foundation materials often require secure and sturdy land or soil and having soft or shifting land can result in a shift in your foundation, which can then lead to cracks in your home. To avoid this, we use helical piers to combat those challenging and difficult soil conditions that are less than desirable and require a different approach to better secure your foundation.



When it comes to installing helical piers, this is done by firmly implanting them into the ground so that they’re secured in place before being latched onto the rest of the building. Depending on the size of your home, you may not require as many helical piers but they will be spaced out on the perimeter of your property to provide the right amount of balance and support needed. You can have helical piers installed during a new build project for initial support, or you can choose to have them installed later on with your existing foundation for further strength.



As with all of our waterproofing and foundation services, we always strive to provide you with the reliability you need and expect to form our services. Our team is licensed and certified to ensure that you're left with fantastic results that you can count on for years to come. Especially with our helical piers, we want to deliver you lasting results that keep you safe in your own home and bring you the comfort you need when you decide to invest in the services we offer. We guarantee satisfaction and reliability with all of our helical piers and related services!

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