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Foudation Repair | Aurora, IL

an old house rests on steel girders as a new concrete basement and foundation is being created

While it may not be obvious yet, having a damaged foundation can ruin your home’s infrastructure and lead to increasing damages and expensive repairs. We offer professional foundation repair solutions to accommodate your foundation and ensure your safety and your home’s longevity. Our team can assess the extent of damage that your foundation has and provide further feedback on the repairs needed moving forward to prevent your home from deteriorating further or becoming unsafe to live in.


Cracked Foundation

Your foundation can eventually crack over time if it was originally installed incorrectly or without the right reinforcement methods. A foundation can also crack if the soil and ground have shifted and caused the foundation to also shift over time. Your foundation likely has some cracks in it if you notice cracks accumulating throughout the interiors of your home, including in your basement, your flooring, your walls, and your ceilings. One of our contractors will be able to assist you further in determining where the cracks have originated from and determine how to repair the cracks by filling and reinforcing them.


Foundation Reinforcements

There are a variety of foundation reinforcements that can be installed to help give your existing foundation more support and structural strength. More concrete can be added to the foundation to further reinforce it, as well as excavating parts of the foundation and replacing them with new features that are stronger and more durable. Our goal is to help you get the most use out of your foundation for as long as possible and if we can do that with our foundation reinforcements, then that’s what we’ll do!



We also aim to enhance your safety even further with our foundation repair solutions. We know how frustrating and challenging it can be to have a damaged foundation and what it means for the safety of you and your family. We make it easy to have quick and efficient foundation repairs in no time and our team will ensure that you’re back inside of your home and feeling better than ever before. We offer long-term solutions and help to prolong the lifespan of your foundation for many more years to come so you can continue using your home and enjoying it as normal.



If you’re looking to improve the longevity and durability of your foundation, then we can offer our services to you! Our foundation repair services enable you to get long-term use and reliable longevity out of your foundation without having to worry about more or future foundation repairs in the future. We secure your foundation in place using our reinforcement and repair methods that have been tried and trusted, and do so in a way that prevents having to continually repair it again regularly or having to worry that it will crack after more years of use. Securing your foundation means also protecting your home and your safety, which is what we aim to do with our foundation repair services!

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