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Basement Crack Repair

worker applies bitumen mastic on the foundation

Basement crack repair solutions are available for your basement’s existing and lingering cracks that are left over from previous water damages or foundation damages. Our team can assist in filling the cracks in your basement and securing them to prevent the crack from expanding or spreading. We can offer crack repair solutions for floors, walls, and ceilings, or all three. Depending on the material that your flooring, walls, and ceiling are made of, we may have to approach the crack repairs differently as each material will require its own set of crack repair solutions to keep it intact.


Cracked Floors

If your basement has encountered water damage in the past or foundation damages that lead to cracked floors, we can assist in providing professional cracked floor repairs to fix any existing damages and cracks in your floors. Failing to seal and fill the cracks can lead to the cracks widening, deepening, and spreading even more. Sealing the cracks will prevent water from pooling inside of them, which can cause your cracked floors to shift further and create larger crevices.


Cracked Walls

Cracked walls in your basement could be a key indicator that you have potential damages lurking in your foundation. Your foundation holds up your home’s infrastructure, so when the soil begins to shift and your foundation shifts with it, this can lead to cracks in your foundation and further cracks inside of your home’s walls. What may start as a minor crack near the ceiling or by the baseboards, can later lead to larger cracks spreading across the entire wall, if neglected. We offer professional cracked wall solutions and do our part to fill in the smaller cracks and better repair the larger ones that can’t simply be filled in. We can repair cracked walls that are made of concrete and drywall, as well as plaster.


Egress Windows

If you have egress windows that connect to your basement, these can also succumb to potential water damage if they’ve been mishandled or hit by a severe storm. While they tend to be more durable than most other standard doors and windows, this doesn’t mean they’re invincible to potential damages. We can help with repairing egress windows that connect to your basement so that you can continue to have a safe and easy way to vacate your basement in case of an emergency.



Having leaks in your basement is more common than you may think. In fact, most of the basement repairs that we take on typically involve some form of leak in the basement. This is because the basement is lowered in comparison to the ground level and water has more of a chance to trail or seep in through open crevices and loose door and window frames, especially if it’s being filtered at an angle. Our repair solutions consist of closing and filling any obvious cracks or holes where water can trickle in through, as well as offering waterproofing solutions for your basement and any relevant doors and windows.

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