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Basement Waterproofing | Aurora, IL

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Are you looking for professional waterproofing services to strengthen and secure your home? Have you considered enlisting the services of a specialized waterproofing contractor? With the help of a waterproofing contractor, waterproofing the windows, doors, and basement of your home can be a breeze.

Not only will you have all of the vulnerable and important areas of your home covered, by you’ll be left with amazing and reliable results that you can’t just get from anyone – you need them from a licensed and certified waterproofing contractor! Consider how waterproofing your basement, and any other area of your house, can increase the value and durability of your home as well!


About Us

Aurora Waterproofing Pros has been proudly serving Aurora with high-quality waterproofing solutions for several years. We’ve developed a reputation as one of the most-trusted waterproofing companies in the area and can easily provide you with unbeatable waterproofing services that are affordable and reliable. If you want long-lasting waterproofing results and want to protect your home further, then come to us for the best waterproofing in Aurora, IL – guaranteed!

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    Our Services

    Our unique range of quality services was designed to improve your home in more ways than one. We offer various waterproofing solutions to enhance your home’s durability and strength when combatting water exposure and damage. We understand how detrimental water damage can be to your home and want to help you in every way possible to avoid having expensive repairs and expansive water damage. Whether it’s basement waterproofing or helical piers for your foundation that’s on compromised soil, we offer a range of solutions to accommodate your needs!

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    Basement Waterproofing

    We offer professional basement waterproofing solutions to secure your basement even further and offer durable solutions that prevent water from damaging your basement and, ultimately, damaging other parts of your home too. Because of your basement’s location, it’s very likely to come in contact with water because of its ground leveling and the security of the windows and crevices that lead to the basement. We can help secure these areas by sealing them off to prevent leaks and water seeping in.

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    Basement Repair

    Basement repairs are also available to repair any existing cracks or damages to your basement that are a result of water damage or foundation damages. Your basement can easily succumb to damages that can spread further and become detrimental to the rest of your home. To prevent this from happening, our team is ready to assist you with professional basement repair solutions, including crack filling, floor repairs, ceiling repairs, and more.

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    Foudation Repair

    Foundation repairs are available to those who are experienced damaged and shifted foundations as a result of improper foundation installation or natural deterioration over time. Our team is ready to assist you with repairing your foundation, including any foundation cracks or holes, as well as offering foundation reinforcements to secure your foundation in place for long-term, ongoing, and durable use.

    “We had a huge storm this past summer and our basement ended up getting flooded. We decided to call Aurora Waterproofing Pros because we heard they knew how to waterproof a basement and prevent leaking basements. I’m so glad a company like them exists and can help waterproof our basement!” – Bella T.

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    “If you’re looking for basement crack repairs, you’ll definitely want to come to Aurora Waterproofing Pros for assistance. They helped me when my basement was covered in cracks from a faulty foundation and I really appreciate the work and level of service they offer! Thanks again Aurora Waterproofing Pros!” – Danny W.

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    “Over the winter, we started to notice some cracks appearing in the flooring and ceiling of our dining room. We called the guys at Aurora Waterproofing Pros for an inspection and they informed us that the cracks were likely the result of a damaged and cracked foundation. We then enlisted their assistance for foundation repairs because we knew we couldn’t wait any longer to secure our home. They came back out immediately and repaired our foundation in no time and now our house is as good as new!” – Katie G.

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    Basement Crack Repair

    Basement crack repairs are provided to improve and enhance your existing basement and prolong its lifespan for convenience and continued use. We can assist in repairing cracked flooring, ceilings, walls, and any other basement cracks that are present in your basement as a result of water damage or a damaged foundation. Repairing your basement cracks will ensure your safety and your home’s durability.

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    Helical Piers

    Helical piers are often used for foundations where the usual foundation solutions are compromised due to changing soil conditions. The helical piers are shaped like large nails that are implanted into the ground to provide the same level of support and balance than a traditional foundation would only structured differently.

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    Crawl Spaces
    (Encapsulating & Repair)

    Crawl spaces are often another location where cracks and damages can occur because of their dark and damp nature, especially if they’re located in a place that’s more vulnerable to water exposure. We can repair these existing crawl spaces and any cracks that are present in them to avoid having them spread further and collapse or enclose due to those cracks. We can also encapsulate a crawl space, which is a technical way to seal the interiors to prevent water exposure.

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    Contact Us Today

    If you are interested in learning more about our professional waterproofing services or would like to schedule a consultation with one of our professional contractors to discuss your options in further detail, then be sure to get in contact with us today! You can easily do so by giving us a call on the service number provided on our website. Through this number, you’ll have the chance to speak with a member of our customer service team, who can answer all of your waterproofing questions and give you feedback on our waterproofing services. Want a free quote? Sure thing! Just fill in your information through the contact form on our main page and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible with more information.